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I have now settled back to life in Wellington, as a new resident of New Zealand, which although doesn't preclude me from working back in London and the EU does commit me to spending at least half of the next two years in the Southern Hemisphere. That said, if challenging projects come up I would be interested in the prospect of becoming involved when ever and where ever they may be..

martin jago

mechanical and electronic effects

CEB - Articulated and Breathing Test Headform

February - July 2009 | CEB & i-bodi

Originally employed to program the robotic head designed and built by Andy Roberts to recite the Victor Hugo poem, "Domain, dés l'aube" using the Gilderfluke performance control system the project escalated to include electrical design and hardware and software interfacing of a Parker systems actuator to regulate the breathing cycle for the test equipment used to measure the response of army field equipment in to laboratory.

The system was self contained with a bi-lingual touch screen user interface and featured programmed and programmable simulated breathing routines, along with two spoken fully articulated dialogue sequences as well as numerous pre-determined head and neck movements.

The unit was installed for the French research facility, CEB, south of Paris.

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