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I have now settled back to life in Wellington, as a new resident of New Zealand, which although doesn't preclude me from working back in London and the EU does commit me to spending at least half of the next two years in the Southern Hemisphere. That said, if challenging projects come up I would be interested in the prospect of becoming involved when ever and where ever they may be..

martin jago

mechanical and electronic effects

Beowulf and Grendel

July - August 2004 | Andovari Films & Nick Dudman

Utilising an original design by Joe Scott and adapting and reconstructing with Guy Stevens, these Vector Works designed and CNC machined stilts were used by both title characters in the movie. Made mostly of aluminium and polypropylene they retained the sprung rocking mechanism of the original design to assist the movement of the suited performer and aesthetically improve the walk of the creature. Both characters played by Spencer Wilding.

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