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I have now settled back to life in Wellington, as a new resident of New Zealand, which although doesn't preclude me from working back in London and the EU does commit me to spending at least half of the next two years in the Southern Hemisphere. That said, if challenging projects come up I would be interested in the prospect of becoming involved when ever and where ever they may be..

martin jago

mechanical and electronic effects

Harry Potter 4 - The Goblet of Fire

April - July 2004 | Warner Bros. & Nick Dudman

Working alongside Matt Denton for the electronics build using his Micromagic Performance control system - requiring system wiring and PCB construction for the underwater dummy sequence of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, as well as the animatronics elements for the new Madame Maxime character.

In addition I formed part of the small on set wrangling/puppeteering crew for the filming of this sequence at Leavesden Studios as well as being the Creature Effects stilt coach during many of the dance rehearsals for the Winter Ball for Ian Whyte performing as Madame Maxime the giant.

Electronics Designed by Matt Denton and Phil Ross.

Madame Maxime Stilts designed and constructed by Joe Scott.

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