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martin jago

animatronics  puppets  SFX


Just another of those fan boys that grew up on a healthy diet of Sesame Street, Muppets movies, Fraggle Rock and other Jim Henson stories that taught a generation right and wrong and that playing for a living is far more fun than becoming anything as sensible as a banker, lawyer or a surgeon.

Starting early with a marionette theatre and an unrelenting desire to entertain I soon developed a fascination with full sized productions. I was particularly drawn to Victorian style theatrics and illusions, and that suspension of disbelief that makes the best projects come alive. Something which remains as true today as ever.

As well as a love of puppetry I have always been interested in aviation, gaining a BEng in Avionics and Aircraft Systems at the University of Bristol in 2000 which has enabled me to incorporate electronic and software design elements into the traditional mechanical performance that always captured my imagination with robotics and animatronics.

Upon moving to London I was intent on working for Jim Henson's Creature Shop and a chance meeting with Brian Henson at a crew screening one Sunday morning nudged things in the right direction, though as luck would have it some amazingly talented people in the Creature Effects Department at Leavesden Studios were working on a new film franchise and gave me my first big break. I learnt a life-time of skills over the course of those four Harry Potter movies, finally making it to back to Henson's in Oval Road for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie which would have made my physics teacher far prouder than that A-Level B grade ever could.

Today I have had the good fortune to work on some amazingly challenging and creative projects in film, television, theatre and industry. Obviously the vast majority of these have been collaborative efforts and the work and photos described in this site represent the skill and ideas of many people, sometimes too numerous to mention. My involvements for each will be annotated where possible.

I relish the challenges associated with developing effects - using the constraints dictated. Whether: financial, time or environmental, while developing the use of new materials, software and ideas. That and puppeteering. I'm still a 6 year old with a marionette theatre at heart.

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